Holi MOO! New Delhi

13th March 2017 12PM-8PM

Delhi, the city of dreams and the home of the festival shall have all the madness as always. With 4 stages and a gorgeous venue that’s central for all this year we plan to kick of our 11th anniversary with a bang. Get ready to hear more than 40 artists, meet people from all over the world and get colored in the celebrations of this historic festival. To all the Holi-Sapiens out there a BIG MOOO for the 13th of March.

Holi MOO! Hyderabad

12th March 2017 12PM-8PM

For the Nawabs of Hyderabad we bring another pearl to this glorious city on the 12th of March. For the second time since its inception the festival shall travel outside its home and bring the celebrations of Holi with all the Moozik and Madness to Hyderabad. To celebrate the festival of colors with grandeur with some crazy music along with various other live artists and LOTS of color.