Madness Orchestrated Organically

The festival has been seeded as an underground movement of likeminded friends, artists and musicians, who would want a recluse in the city to incubate new collaborations and celebrate Holi with their new, creative harvest.

Adding a method to the madness, the festival highlights multiple simultaneous stages, scrumptious food spreads and innovative thirst quenching watering holes.

4 Stages – Over 100 Artists
THIS Stage (World Music/Bolly)
THAT Stage (Indie/Experimental)
WHICH Stage (Hip-Hop)
WHAT Stage (Electronic)

Delhi Dye hard – Holi Moo Festival, the top pick of the season’s cultural events worth traveling for in 2018 along with Sydney’s Mardi Gras
– The Economist

Holi Moo! Festival among the Top 12 Festivals worth traveling for in 2018 alongside Oktoberfest, New Orleans Jazz Fest, Winter Olympic Games, Day of the Dead

Holi Moo! Festival is one of the Top 7 memorable, Iconic and Dream-worthy events around the Globe that shouldn’t be missed
– United Hemispheres

The 2nd Best place on Earth to celebrate Holi (after the original historic Holi at Vrindavan)
– The Wall Street Journal